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All You Need To Know About Dr. Bommanahalli Babu (AYUB PAUPARAPATTI SYED BASHA)

All You Need To Know About Dr. Bommanahalli Babu (AYUB PAUPARAPATTI SYED BASHA)


It’s Dr. Bommanahalli Babu (AYUB PAUPARAPATTI SYED BASHA), who started an organization with only one purpose fulfilling the needs of the people DR. BOMMANAHALLI BABUand making their life easier. He took the revolutionary step and changed the gold buying and selling industries forever. As he found out the biggest market of pledged gold and the people suffering out to sell it at the right price, is huge.

He eased out the process and encourage customers to sell their bullion, gold, or jewelry in a professional and organized way to get the right value of their precious metal at an online price & later launched the Attica Gold Company’s official website with its head office at Queens Road, Bengaluru to provide best prices for their precious metal.

In the Indian market, before 2013, there was no professional way of gold sale available, because customers used to go to pledge their gold in NBFCs. NBFCs used to give 60-70% of the market value of gold to customers.

Because of the high rate of interest, instead of taking back their gold, customers used to lose their gold.

Before Attica Gold Company, only 30% of customers used to get their gold released & 70% of customers used to lose in NBFCs.

Now with Attica Gold Company, customers are getting 98% of the market value of their gold. Customers have started selling gold instead of pledging & even if customers pledge their gold, 80% of customers get their gold back. Lakhs of Customers are getting benefited because of Attica Gold Company.


Attica Gold is a coalition of investors united in the conviction that customer satisfaction is a vital measure of business performance.

Established in 2013 by corporate honcho Dr. Bommanahalli Babu (AYUB PAUPARAPATTI SYED BASHA) with two other investors, Attica Gold keeps on rising and testing pioneers in the private area to discover innovative approaches to satisfy unmet group needs and to lead the way towards a better arrangement of business and marketing strategies.

Bommanahalli BabuAs a Company, we endeavor to achieve success in ways that reflect the views and opinions of resources we put into as employees or as business associates. Our prosperity is an immediate consequence of our attention to individuals and their professions; our history is a demonstration of our interest in innovations and support for organizations.

And you would be surprised to know that Attica in just the last 7 years has employed more than 1000 people across, 5 states, including Karnataka, Pondicherry, Telangana, etc. with more than 200 branches. Attica is just not serving the people from one end but also the other way around by providing jobs to them.

Attica gold company has been proven an asset to the regional people of South India. As Attica has given employment and also trained the people who needed it, for their better performance. It’s not called a pioneer just by its name, these are the major reasons, why Attica standing and led from the front for almost a decade.

The work culture at Attica says it’s been good, as mentioned and rated by the employee here at Attica. People often say that the work and the approach towards it are really sincere. Every day at Attica there is a new and fresh beginning for customers and employees.

Attica Gold’s strategic marketing plan has taken the organization into the notches of improvement and has emerged as the fastest-growing organization in our pioneer. It’s all the team effort and the founder’s visionary approach, and because of that, it’s all been made possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Bommanahalli Babu (AYUB PAUPARAPATTI SYED BASHA) (Founder),
Attica Gold Pvt. Ltd.


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