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New History & Milestones


History & Milestones

In 2013, Bommanahalli Babu created history approaching two other investors to start an organization that could encourage customers to sell their bullion, gold or jewelry in a professional and organized way to get the right value of their precious metal at online price. Attica Gold Company officially launched their website in January 2015 with its head office at Queens Road, Bengaluru with an intention to provide best prices for their precious metal.

Attica Gold Company has changed the opinions of customers who used to sell their gold and jewelry to local pawn brokers, NBFCs at the lowest value of their precious metals. Our focus is to buy gold and other jewelry. Check purity of metals with German karat measuring instrument, and offer best prices to customers. In a short span of time, Attica Gold has opened 200+ branches.

Attica Gold Company understands the pressing issues of customers who look for instant fund for their business, education, medical or other expenses. They might have many choice but to get cash in short time is not always possible, except in case of gold, silver or other jewelry. In a hurry, they sell their gold and precious metals at less than the gold market prices, so Attica Gold Company and our investors are investing in all Tier I, Tier II & Tier III cities to fix the issues of customers and offer highly best possible rates to their gold and other jewelry.