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Cash For Gold Jewellery


Cash For Gold

Cash your GoldCash for gold jewellery is an easy way to get extra money. Prices for gold have reached high within the last year due to a number of reasons, but what this has meant is people now have quick and easy access to money, fast. Nearly all of us have gold or silver lying around the home that we either don’t use, don’t want, or simply can’t use because the jewellery is broken. Attica gold company provides cash for gold we value your gold, quote you a price, and pay you that precise amount of cash.

How To Find Right Gold Buyer For Cash For Gold?

The very first thing you need to do when you decide to sell your gold for cash is to find the right cash for gold service for you. Given that there are so many of these companies available these days, you’re going to find rather large differences in the amounts of cash that they will offer you for a specific amount of gold. You obviously want the best deal for your gold, and hence, spending some time checking out different companies can allow you to get the most money.

Attica gold company is the best gold buying company in India, we provide you instant cash for your gold or silver jewellery. If you have urgent financial needs, cash for gold is a better solution. Even though your gold is broken, you can still exchange it for cash. Instead of letting it be covered with dust in your jewelry box, sell it to get the best value you need. With cash for gold, you can even sell gold coins, Gold Jewelry, Silver, and Diamonds Cash for gold is hassle-free.

With the rise in the value of gold as a result of the 2007-2010 financial crisis, there has been an increase in companies that will buy personal gold in return for cash or sell investments in gold bullion and coins. Several of these have extensive marketing programmes and valuable spokespeople, such as former vice presidents. Many of these companies are being investigated for securities fraud as well as money laundering for terrorist organisations. Furthermore, because ownership is frequently not verified, many businesses are regarded to be accepting stolen property, and several legislation are being examined as ways to curb this.

How to Sell Gold Jewelry ?

Cash For Gold


To Sell gold Additionally a jewelry buyer will estimate your gold. They’re sure to exchange your adornments, so within the event that you simply have an honest piece that will have included an incentive for its appearance then you’ll believe in utilizing Jewelry buyers. In any event, you’ll believe utilizing a goldsmith to urge an examination of your gold pieces. To sell gold visit nearby Attica Gold Company to urge careful incentive for your gold by checking the purity of gold by German-made purity checking machine and obtain Instant cash for gold @ online price.


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Process of Evaluating

Gold Purity and Weighing

  • The next step is with in the method of evaluating the gold through XRF technology German made machine to check the gold purity.
  • Ensure that we tend to offer best value every time.
  • We believe in complete transparency so we could check the purity and weight of gold jewellery right in front of customer. We use German made purity checking machine which gives accurate purity of your gold.
  • Attica Gold does not melt or break any gold or silver items to check the purity of ornaments.
  • After checking the purity and weighing the gold jewellery, we tend to inform the customers about final amount of their jewels after deducting our 3% Attica Gold fee to complete the process
  • If customer is happy with the amount, we pay spot cash for jewels instantly or else we return the gold without melting and damaging.



Eligibility & Payments

  • We  request you to be Prepared with following documents
    • Original ID proof and photocopy
    • Original address/residence proof and photocopy
    • One passport size photo
  • Seller : (Any Two Documents) Like PAN, Aadhar, Voters ID, Work ID, Passport, Drivers license, Telephone bill, Electricity bill, Gas connection bill, Rental agreement.
  • NRI & PIO : Passport, PAN, Current Address in India.
  • Foreigner Seller : Passport, Visa, Present Indian Address.


  • Only major person ( aged 18 years) are allowed to transact. You have to get the family’s written  permission, if you are under 22 years old.
  • One ID & Address proof for verification. ( More details in Documentation).
  • You are no more allowed to sell articles belonging to your friends, relatives, colleagues, or any other persons.
  • You may sell articles inherited & purchased by you or else if it belongs to your spouse, but with their consent.