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New Vision &


If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You They aren’t Big Enough

Our vision is to set up an organization, with excellent, Reliable customer service, and professionalism unlike any of our peers in this space. Attica gold company itself is a dream of its visionary founder, Dr. Bommanahalli Babu who came up with a new concept of buying gold @ online price, releasing pledged gold from financial institute/NBFC’S/Pawnbrokers/jewel smith. The trust and satisfaction of our customers is the reason behind the growth of our organization.

Attica gold company wants to set a milestone by creating an organization with total transparency diverse from other merchants, jewel smiths, and pawnbrokers in the gold buying industry. Attica gold is intense to provide financial assistance to customers who are willing to sell gold at the best price. We are now available to serve customers in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. India’s most reliable gold buyers are here to visit our nearest branch and have a happy selling experience at Attica gold to be a world-class, innovative, progressive organization and to build India’s most desirable company in Gold Buying Business.

Attica gold company is a vision-driven organization that aims to be a socially responsible leader in this market segment. The company visualizes itself to be well articulated to build empathy and rapport with the audience with client referrals driving sales for the company in the future.



Our mission is to change the grief gold selling to elation

Our mission is to boost the Indian economy to great heights by refinancing customers with the name they can trust-Attica. The company plans to capture the growth by creating job opportunities for oneself by adding 2000+ branches of PAN India. Our values are to empower an individual to sell their gold at the best available price in the Attica gold company. We follow a simple and easy process with total transparency and instant transaction via cash/RTGS/IMPS.

  1. We want every client to leave the branch with a smile.
  2. We want to be able to provide the best service we can in every situation no matter what.
  3. We aim to provide fast cash by using online gold rates and modern technology.
  4. We only want Fair trade jewellery and we have strong values on humanitarian issues.
  5. We love every customer, no matter how difficult things get.
  6. We will always try to make an extra step.
  7. We will always try to exceed the expectation of our customers.
  8. We will go as far as we possibly can to attract a customer back to our branch and connect with us.

Helping The Customer Readily, Easily Encash Their Gold Always At The Best Available Price.